Home English Since it is Christmas, I write a little about the poor kids I rides for.

Since it is Christmas, I write a little about the poor kids I rides for.

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Welcome to The Bolivia Family

Bolivia is a country of breathtaking beauty and heartbreaking poverty. A country of contrasts, spanning from the damp Amazonas jungle to the icy Andes mountain range.

Two thirds of its people live beneath the poverty line, making Bolivia the poorest country on the continent of South America. As always, the children are the ones to suffer the most.

The Bolivia Family is a Norwegian non-governmental organizaton (NGO) that since 1981 have helped more than a thousand Bolivian children through our network of orphanages and day care centers.

We hope you will take this opportunity to get to know us and our labour of love. Browse this web site, visit our blog, enjoy the photos. If you find that you would like to contribute to our work, we would be very grateful. And much more importantly, so will the children of Bolivia.

Here my brother, Siw Browman and me build the first stone to new orphan.

Me bulding.

The Work of the Bolivia Family

As of November 2008, our organization is responsible for approximately 890 children in 17 day care and educational centers and 4 orphanages. These are found in numerous locations: Cochabamba, La Paz, Altiplano, Sucre, Potosi, Tarija and Santa Cruz

We put tremendous emphasis on education, making sure every child in our care attends school as soon as they are old enough to do so. This is the most important step in breaking the cycle of poverty. Yet one cannot expect a hungry, homeless child to attend school, so we have to make sure that such basic needs are also covered.

In most cases, it is in a child's interest to stay with his or her family. Thus, we always try to help the family take care of their own children. One important service is simply to provide a safe place for the child to be while the parent(s) are working, while also making sure they get proper nutrition and clothing, help with their homework etc.

Of course, there are also many cases of physical and sexual abuse, maltreatment and neglect, in which case one of our orphanages may be the only solution.

Our youngest children are about 2 years old. Orphanages and centers generally help the children until they are 18 years old, but we are also helping a number of students through their university studies. Salvaging the most disadvantaged children from maltreatment and destitution and, many years on, seeing them graduate; could there be anything more meaningful than that?

Current projects

We are currently building a new orphanage for 48 children in Potosi. Plans for 2009 also include extending our orphanage Corazon Grande in Cochabamba to accomodate 13 more girls, plus adding a new building and several classrooms to one of our centers. We will be posting information on the progress of these projects in our blog.

Want to help or read more, click here.


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