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Congo, Norway, new route, etc.

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Regretfully to the English readers that I have not updated in English recently.

In short, since the last time, I have had some problems in Congo. Ilost my hearing for a short period because i had some problems with the kind police. I was expelled from there and is now back in Norway. Will week43 put the whole story from my time in Congo,at my homepage after a Norwegian magazine has published it. I promised the story to them.

A bit short below what has happened in the past, and what myfuture plans is.

Have decided a new route and it is the Silk Road or the route of Marco Polo (Europe-Middle East-China). This road goes to China and from there I will go on to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and finally Australia. The goal is to be present at the opening of a new orphanage in Bolivia in autumn 2010, which also has a 30-year anniversary.

Silk Road has many routes,and i have not quite decided which oneto take yet. (Map: Wikipedia)

Got a nice phonefrom Hans Olav Meland, heis one of the enthusiasts in Bolivia family and want me to help tobuild a new orphanage in February 2010. I got some anguish here, build or ridethe bike. Has in a way like to finish with my dream to cycle around the world before I throw myself out the other projects.

They have several projects going on, a new orphanage will open shortly in Potosi which is the world's highest city. A nother project is a daysenter for children in Cochabamba, thisis called the heart of South America. Here it is possible to join in on the openings and support the projects. There will be a trip where you will see a beautiful mountain landscape and their culture. One will also see the poverty and what Bolivians family do to help. See more on http://boliviafamilien.org/ Tours are arranged for children's homes and other amazing places Bolivia has to offer.

Image: From Bolivia

Is otherwise with my brother and the work that has its own business. He has supported me a lot along the way! Without him,my triphad beenquite short! Nice to be with my twin brother again.

Foss bikes have said they will fix up my Trek bike before I set out again. It is my hobby agent that has received this, Petter Guttormesen.Thanks to them both.

Otherwise, I met triathlon guys in Tnsberg again and it was an evening of Pizza and beer. Was a lot ofbiking storys.

Image: Thisman started Tnsberg Triathlon Club, Jrn Willy Olafsen. He persuaded me to start with this and almost forced me to take Norseman (Ironman). After that I could just as well take the whole world. He himself is an extreme type that is involved in everything, or find the tours himself. The lasthe did was toride and run all the highest mountains in eachcommunities in Vestfold, Norway.

HereIrecive my new hearing aidfrom Vera Karlsen. She has been myaudiolog since I was four years old. Nice to meet her every time.

Regards Rune

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