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African harley

I am now in Congo Brazzaville, after a tour in the forest.
In Cameroon I got my new wheels which were sent to the oil company RUE.no. It was a little more work than I expected. To take it out of the costumes was not easy and it took me a week before I got them. Gouverment office lost my paperwork, so I had to go to 7 different offices for signature and payment. But the wheels from Foss Cycling company are solid, believe me, they are tested.
Also met her a Frenchman from Caladonia which is in Pafefic ocean, it resulted in a French lifestyle in approximately 1 month. They have a sense for good food and social events. Competitions in the pool, eat, rugby for first time in my life, has begun to like the sport.


Cycling in Cameroon went without major problems. Good roads and good food. Slept mostly with people I have met along the road or in hammock min. Sleep in hammock in the middle of town once and it went too smoothly.

People are friendly and we get to talk even if they do not speaks English. Are much body and it may result in funny situations,

Went on to Congo and here I had not read the map well. The rain with good gravel roads and had instead jungle road with the river in mid way. 300 km took me the whole 2 weeks. After two days I understand I would not number the border for my visa expired in Cameroon. The police are kind to me, but to give them reason to take you can be expensive and cause problems. Meet on a policeman along the way and he would help me, no problem since it was his brother who worked at the border station. I just had to buy some beer for him, well, it was actually so much beer that I wonder if it had been cheaper to pay at the border.



At the border was all without problems, but had to wait a couple days before I could cycle along because of rain MADE it impossible to ride. Met on a nurse and stay with him couple of days. He worked with Pygme and local people. Here people were extremely poor and there was neither water, power or telephone network.
See some of Pygme who have approached the village, but most live longer into the jungle. Unfortunately, the jungle is becoming cut down and their natural lifestyle is difficult. They live as they did for 1000 years ago.
People ask me I can bring them to "Paradise Europe", investing in gold, car, house.... unless I can`t do so much with it. But the nurse asked if I could help provide a microscope and medicines to Pygme.
He wanted to Binoclar Microscope, Surgial Materials, Dressing Materials, Laboreratory Regents, drup for Malaria, Antibiotic, Mosquito's nets, Antenal clinic material, vaccines.
Must say that one of the simplest conditions I have seen during the trip and Pygme are more or less sick all my life. There was no FOLLOW-UP of some, they are totally left to themselves. If someone wanted to contribute, Ask the nurse Agha Anthony Nfonli on satellite tel limit the commander has: Mr Aboubakar +8821621516381 Town called Ntam and is South East in Cameroon.


Otherwise, Bjoern Erik Helgeland and Roey Hogstad sponsored me with funds. They come from the same village as me and have together started the company blibest.no. Are not sure what they are doing, but expects it to be best in something.

Otherwise, I think it's time to be finished with my trip. Bolivia family has the opening of a new children home in Bolivia autumn 2010 and will try to be there. Ending where I began. So i will find the fastest way and change my plan little.

Are otherwise on their way to Rwanda, it will be a trip of 2500 km through the Congo Kinshasa.

This was long letter so I take for Congo next time.



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