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New home page, Planeterra, monkeys and I am now in Cameroon.

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New home page, Planeterra, monkeys and I am now in Cameroon.

The time was now right for cycling from Port Harcourt Nigeria. After relaxing at no cost and a few weeks with good food, I gained 5 kg more on my body. The time came for a goodbye party. Paris Leboef from Canada, took the "commander-job" for a farewell party and invited all the people I had met during my stay here.
There was both grilled chicken and beer in the best American style.

Wolfgang gave me a GPS clock with pulse meter, so now I just put it on to see how it works.
Ikee who work in the music studio where I lived a few days , draw a picture of me. It was just great .

It was a very nice party and I am sure I am going to meet many of these people again
The Bicycle wheels I been waiting for, unfortunately didn't arrive for some reason. But Bill Jaffrey promised to send them to Cameroon.

For the first time during my trip I was a little nervous to carry on. Had been "heard" some awful horror stories about what might me expect on the way. In review, I believe that some bribed a little that I should not ride on, he he.
All went well and I got to the frontier town Calabar, where I met an English man who lived here for 25 years. He invited me home to his ape farm. (Www.pandrillus.org). Because of Nigeria's population, which has been more than doubled in 25 years, from 70 million to 160 million, the rain forest has been cut down. People hunting for food and thus threatened the apes.
Peter, the English man has initiated many projects here. Only during the few days I been here, he started a crusade against illegal cutting down of apes forest. Military, police and politicians were involved in this illegal actions
This, of course, is not popular among people who live here, and Peter cant count how many times he has been threatened. But he will not give up and stop for that reason. I have great respect for people devoting their lives to such purpose. " I do not want to be remembered of the generation that destroyed these apes.

The Visa for Cameroon I obtained here for 100 dollars, which is common in most countries here in Africa. My plan was to take a ferry to Cameroon, but they demanded a very high price. One of the biggest problems I have here, they over charge me because I am white. If you white, you're automatically rich and nothing else. Although I have have tried to explain that I am a poor no one believes me. I went to a small village where they carried me over to Cameroon for half the price.

Life seems to stand still at the border. As usual, there are very bad roads, and simple boats. People live here as they did 1000 years ago. The bike gets a real spanking on these roads.

Cameroon is a football nation and people are also very found of beer. Border guards are happy to be paid in beer. In fact, they are so found of beer that the taps of certain types of beer are used as a payment and is accepted by both the police and senior officials.

Since I cycle in Africa, I would like to ride for somebody here. Then I came in contact with Planeterra.org which has many projects here. Everything from schools, Animals, adult education and orphanages. I will visit many of these projects as I can and will describe some of the places in a new travel letter when I get there.

As you can see I have a new home page. Marit and Knut Rnningen have made it for me. I am very proud to show a little more "professional side. Knut has taught me to do this myself.


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