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My winter gear

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Spraymaster Jacket. They gave me this jacket.

Outdoor Research.
Gloves, fleece jacket, face mask, sleeping pad,water bottle parka,padded cells. Very good stuff. They gave me 75% off.

Underwear,Bodyfit260. Very good stuff, and is "No Smell :) " underwear. You can bike for 2 months without a shower and the shirt/pants still won't smell. Perfect for a Winter Viking Biker. They gave me 35% off.

Sorel Boots.
Very good footwear, could make your feet sweat in warmer weather. The easy fix is to change socks.

Sleeping bag, very good and warm.

Mountain Hardwear tent.
Very good, but little heavy. They have same tent in 2 kg. R.E.I give me that tent.

Socks, my grandmas homemade wool socks.

Wool Neck warmer, my grandmas homemade.

Cycle and stuff.

Same at summer time.
Don't do much with my bike before winter cycling. Only change to winter tires with studs.

I find out that wool underwear is the best for winter cycling, even if you get wet it will keep you warm. Work well in hot weather to.
You produce so much heat when you bike so you don't need much clothes on.
Was very careful not to sweat, I took off some clothes if I felt I was sweating. It Is dangerous to sweat in cold weather. I remove layers when biking and put more on when going downhill or when stopped.

If I would cross Canada one more time, I would get a superlight tent without floor. Fast to set up, can make food and do some bike repair in the tent. You can heat it up with stove and it will be like a sauna. I miss all that when it is raining and snowing. Somethings like this,click here.
This would be in addition to my regular tent.