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Prarie in USA.

Write down what I have and what i want to have for summer biking. I am not trying to tell you that what I have is the best, just what worked for me.

Bike stuff.
I have a good bike and it is always easy to find parts for mountain bikes all over the world.
Ortlieb Bike bag.
4 Ortlieb bags, two in front and two back. Never problems with these bags.
Repair kit.
Everything you need to fix your bike, pliers, set of Allen Keys, wires, pump, tape, 2 inner tubes, inner tube repair kit, electrical ties (many uses), electrical tape, spoke straightener.....
Change so many tires because i buy cheap and bad tires. Get tired of that and started buying good tires, Armadillo Specialized and Marathon is very good.
Have built my handlebars so I can change positions, shoulders back and arms get tired if I cannot change position.
2 flashing lights in back and 2 flashlights up front.
Code lock I like best, always loose the key to padlocks.

One raincoat and one for cold evenings.
Bike short:
Two/three pairs of bikeshorts. Can be many days without washing.
Click-on shoes, could be a little hot sometimes. Want to have bike sandals.
T shirt:
Two singlets and one t shirt.
To protect me from sun.
One thin fleece jacket.
3-4 pairs.
Rain clothes.
Shoe covers, jacket and pants.
Relax clothes.
Zip-Off Pants/Shorts, Nice shirt, sandals, 2-3 pairs of underwear.

When I started I had a three-man tent so I could put my bike in the tent. But it was a bad tent and not water proof. (made in Bolivia, broke after 6 months)
Later I got a hammock and I love that, could be a little problem with rain and mosquitoes.
Want to have a good and light one-man tent. Also superlight tent without floor for rain and mosquitoes. There you can make food, repair bike and have your other tent and bike inside.
Sleeping bag.
Have one for 10 Degrees Celsius.
Sleeping pad
Have one to blow up now. In beginning I have only sleeping foam and it was like hell sometimes to sleep on. Many places is only rock. Want to have one you can change into a chair.
MSR is good, gas you find everywhere, propane and stove alcohol was difficult to find some places.
One candle light holder with glass, good when there is wind.
One Ka-Bar USMC Combat Knife, is beside my bike bag so I can pull it up fast if something happens. (Present)

Got a few problems with my camping stuff in the beginning because I bought cheap shit.
Should have bought quality camping gear from the start.

Medical stuff.
All kinds of vaccines before I started, Yellow fever, Polio, Hepatitis A.B.C....
Tiger Balm. Is very good to have after mosquito bites and other things that is bad for your skin. I never bike without it.
Malaria pills.
Diarrhea pills. :)
Band-Aids and Bandages.
Headache Pills.
Snake stuff.
Medical tape.

Other Items.
Digital camera.
Address book.
Scrap book.
MP3 player. No music - No biking.
Map (difficult to find a good map in Latin America)
Sunglasses, Bolle glasses
Toilet stuff.
Pictures of nature, animals from Norway, my family , many is interested in my family and how Norway look. Many nice moments with that.
Laptop, is good to have, don't have that myself right now, but if I get enough money I will buy one. So many places have wireless Internet.

Other Bikers and Me
Different kind of Bikers.
Have seen many long distance bikers and you don't believe what they bike with.
One 65 year old man bike from Mexico to Colombia with girl bike for and all his stuff in a backpack.
Another one biked Central America with roadracing bike and 3 kg (7 lbs.) of stuff, he was shaking his head when he saw how much stuff i had.
Then there was the guy that bike around the world with 60 kg (132 lbs.) of gear and bike 200 km (125 miles) everyday.
Another one cross USA with a trailer for his dog.
A homeless man bike with homemade bike and homemade trailer, he have biked around USA for 8 years.
A 60 year old couple bike Central America with tandem bike, man in front off course. they fight a little about who pedal the most.
Some bike in group, two or alone. I like to bike alone, you meet more people when you bike alone.

What kind of bike.
I see that roadrace bikes with trailer is getting more and more popular. Go faster and better for wind resistance. Is good when you bike boring places and want to finish fast . No problem to bike Latin America and North America with this. Maybe not om smaller roads that can be a little rough. But highways are good most places. Maybe little more difficult to find parts for roadrace bikes some areas. Personally I like my mountainbike.

Ways people bike
Some people bike like Forrest Gump and let things happen without exact plan. Other people have plan for everyday. Some have lot of money and never sleep in tent or make their own food. Some have no money and work on the road. Many bike and take their time and want to see the world, not bike fast.
I bike like Forrest Gump and all the time in the world - To see the world.

Where to sleep
Where I sleep, I mostly never pay for bed. Sleep often in the woods beside the road, in parks, behind gas stations, bar. Ask a farmer and house owner to sleep i their garden, beach, beach..
I always try to hide when i sleep so people or police don't see me. Sometimes I wait for darkness or until I am alone so no people see where I pitch my tent. If many see where I camp they may try to rob me at nighttime. But despite all the crime you hear about I have felt safe everywhere I have been.

I never show money, everywhere. Try to look poor. Keep my bike dirty, except for the sprockets and chain. Hide camera, MP3 player etc.
I have learned not to listen to warnings from people anymore because people are scared about everything. Media mostly write about bad things, but the world is not so bad. I find people extremely friendly everywhere.