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Nigeria. From the bush to paradise

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My trip is constantly full of contrasts. Currently I live in my own apartment and Im being fed by my own cook.

Coming to Nigeria was a different experience. The country has a lot of oil and therefore a fleet bigger than all other countries in West Africa.
Biking in Lagos, which is one of the largest cities in Africa with 15 million inhabitants, was a headache. .Driving style is not exactly like home, and here, its the largest car that gets the right of passing first. Chaos and noise without equal. But it gave me a little kick to follow the stream in this crazy traffic. People shouting and screaming at each other and I wasnt any better, shouting and shaking my fist. A car bumped into the back of my bag and rear wheel, slashing my bag.

Everywhere accidents

Rode towards Nigeria Delta, where most of the oil is found. I had an address of a Nigerian friend where I could go to. He had been in Norway for many years and wanted to welcome me at his home. He was a former professional singer who sung for the president and now has his own music studio. I lived for free a few days in his studio with music around the clock.

Music studio

Singer Rolly and his children.

My budget was getting low and I wanted to put on some kilos before I rode on. I was now down to 70 kg and my weight should actually be 90 kg. Also my "wife" Frya needed to have a break and be tuned a little before she biked further.
I had heard that the Norwegian oil companies were here so I started looking around to see if I could find a job. I found nothing, since most companies had left town due to the kidnapping of foreign oil workers.
After a couple of days I came in contact with a Canadian, named Paris, who worked here. We got to talked a lot since I rode through the town where he was from in Canada. He has his own transport company that works with the sale of oil. I also met with many of his friends and heard many stories about Africa that one could hardly believe. For sure these guys could be writing a 10 volume encyclopedia! But as they say, no one would believe it and this is the reason why they are not going to write it when they get home. One of them was kidnapped but was released a day later when they saw that they had taken the wrong man!

From Left. Herbert from Germany, he works for an oil company and write travel books. Nr2, Paris W Lebouf from Canada, he ownes a truck company, Falchem Mega Concept Ltd. Nr 3 another german once was kidnapped . Nr 4 is from Germany as well.

Paris also helped me to fix up my bike. My storage tray was not far enough from the wheels and constantly scratched my tires. This is the typical Canadian I that I know from my trip through Canada- extremely helpful and friendly.

Paris helped me to repair my bike.

Some days later I found a Norwegian sub sea company called RUE.no, from Haugesund. This is one of the few firms that is still here in Port Harcourt. They took care of me when I told them about my problem of being under weight. They gave me a nice apartment with air conditioning, internet and cable TV. I even have my own cook and laundry woman. I must admit that I feel like in paradise after six months in the bush. The cook there puts his soul into preparing meals and I can eat all day.

She prepare me food all day long. She smiles all the time.

The system of the companies around here is very safe. I can not move around as I please, etc. It is a little unusual for me after 3 years of absolute freedom, but I understand why.
A working man here, Bill, said he can help me find a job in the oil companies all around the world if I ever need it.

Bill Jaffrey from Scotland.

My "wife" was complaining of pain in the gears. I asked the bicycle company Trek if they could help me with new and stronger wheels. Its the heavy load and the bad roads which always give her problems.

There is one thing I missed and that is protein powder. I have used this many times before when I was training for strength and I know how effective it is. No criticism of the food, but it is a completely different bacteria and flora than what I'm used to. Some times I need to use the toilet before I finish eating.
I contacted the Norkost.no company and they will sponsored me 3 kg powder for me as a roughneck from Norway.
I am excited to get back on the road again full of muscles.
I found a couple who will help me to create a new web site, Marit and Knut Rnningen. I am happy to see the results.
I have sold 3 calendars and one picture after my first day of publishing.Was little pride rest of the day.
I will stay a little longer until I head out for South Africa.

Greetings from Frya and Rune



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