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0 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday 25/3 Sault Ste Marie-Thessalon
90km, 5C. Wind and rain. Slept for free in a motel

Monday 26/3 Thessalon-Webbwood
142km, 10C. Good wind and little rain. Slept in my tent.

Tuesday 27/3 Webbwodd-Sudbery
80km, 15C. Bad wind and rain. Was invited to sleep in someone's home.

Wednesday 28/3 Sudbury
Relaxed today.

Thursday 29/3 Sudbury-North Bay
110km, 5C. Headwinds all day.

Friday 30/3 North Bay-Mattawa
70km, 10C. Tailwinds today.

Saturday 31/3 Mattawa-Deep River
105km, 15C. Sun all day.

Biking -25/30 Celsius.

2 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One of my warmest day in Canada

Sunday 18/3 Terrace Bay-Marathon
80km, +1C. Sun all day. Slept in tent

Monday 19/3 Marathon- White River
92km, -5C. Good wind and nice weather. Slept in my tent.

Tuesday 20/3 White River- Wawe.
95km, -25C. The weather changed fast today, cold, warm then cold again. Slept in house.

Wednesday 21/3 Wawe-???
50km, -5C. My tyre burst and had to get a lift to Sault Ste Marie, 180km away. Stayed in a very nice hotel. The owner had biked in Africa for 4 months,www.youbetican.com

Thursday 22/3 ????
80km, 5C. One car drove me back to the same place where my tyre burst. I slept in a cabin.

Friday 23/3 ????-Sault Ste Marie
100km,-5C. Nice weather, but bad winds. Slept in the same hotel today. Was invited to go out with people from a bike club.

Saterday 24/3 Sault Ste Marie
Relaxed today, hung around with the owner of a bikestore www.veloroution.com

Me and the police bike patrol.

0 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Photos by the Kenora Daily Miner and News
Me and the police bike patrol.

Sunday 11/3 Dryden-Ignace
120 km, 5C. Bad wind all day. Biked with 2 police bike patrol all day. Stayed in a police officer's house.

Monday 12/3 Ignace-Upsala
105 km, 5C. Bad wind all day. Slept in a garage.

Tuesday 13/3 Upsala-Thunder Bay
135 km, 15C. Nice wind, sun and hot all day. Was so nice, had forgotten how warm weather feels. Stayed in a house of the father of one of the policemen.

Wednesday 14/3 Thunder Bay
Relaxed, a bike club showed me around the city. Stayed over with one guy who had biked around the world. We had a lot to talk about.

Thursday 15/3 Thunder Bay
Relaxed, bike club had a benefit for me with beer and good food. Enjoyed my time here.

Friday 16/3 Thunder Bay- Nipigon.
150km, -5C Bad wind all day. Slept in tent.

Saturday 17/3 Nipigon- Terrace Bay
108km, +5C Sun all day, Slept in tent.

Police take care of me.

0 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I had the pleasure of the company of two bike patrol officers and one police car for a short time. Many accidents with trucks have happened along here. The police enjoyed listening about my trip, so they biked with me for fun. Also, they found places for me to sleep on the road and very often in other police officers' houses. I found them very friendly.
Fishing in Kenora.

Sunday 4/3 Winnipeg-ST Anne
90 km, -25C. Very bad crosswind so I found myself walking. A nice lady gave me a motel room and food. I was also invited to play curling for the first time in my life which was great fun.

Monday 5/3 ST Anne-Falcon Lake
85 km,-20C. Some bad winds today. I got a free room in a hotel today, hot tub.... Luxury!!

Tuesday 6/3 Falcon Lake-Kenora
70 km,-15C. Wind is a little bad, but the scenery is nice.
The last 2 months of biking was over flat terrain with much snow and desert. Now...there are many lakes, rocks and trees, it is very beautiful.
A cycling policeman escorting me to Kenora. (I think the police are afraid of long haired bikers) I've been invited to stay with a Danish family and tomorrow we are going ice fishing.

Wednesday 7/3 Kenora
Relaxed, ice fishing today and I caught one fish. Fun.

Thursday 8/3 Kenora.
Relaxed, was ice fishing all day, I caught a trout.
A bike store here is repairing my bike. I gave lectures at two schools for younger children today and it is very fun interacting with kids. They ask about everything and get very excited!

Friday 9/3 Kenora-Eagle River
86km, -5C. It is beginning to be much warmer now. I've had the company of a police biker, Hotse De Jong and slept at his house.

Saturday 10/3 Eagle River-Dryden
102km, 5C. I think this is the warmest day I've had in Canada. It is so nice to feel sun and warm weather. I still have the company of a police biker who is "sceptical of long haired bikers." Slept at the police officers house.

Biked from pub to pub all night long.

1 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Monday, February 26, 2007

I was biking all night on a pub crawl with some of the guys from the Woodcock cycle store.

Monday 26/2 Winnipeg I will be here until Sunday, I've been invited to the Norwegian symphony concert which will be fun! So now I hang around and live with people from Scandinavia.

27/2 to 2/3 Winnipeg
Met the Norwegian Ambassador on Wednesday and he invited me to stay in his house in Ottowa. Most of the time I have been relaxing here and spending time meeting people. I've been invited to many places, Museum, airport control room, dinner....all of which is very nice.

Winnipeg, bad crosswind, TV

1 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Monday, February 19, 2007

Global TV

Sidney, Manitoba

Sunday 18/2. Winnipeg.
I spoke to a Norwegian Club as well as to people who have been in ice biking competitions. In the evening I was invited to an Icelander Club dinner.

Monday 19/2. Winnipeg.
Relaxed, worked on my bike today.
Will stay here for a while, work a little and I have been invited to the Norwegian Symphony Orchestra at the end of this month. Must go to that.

Thursday 20/2 to Sunday 25/2 Winnipeg
Relaxed, have been invited to a dinner to speak lecture to a group of people and to go out with guys from woodcockcycle who are crazy on their bikes.



The conductors know me well.

5 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Sunday, February 11, 2007

The conductors know me well. Every time they see me they blow their whistles.

My first frost burn. I got a lot of good food in Canada to.

Sunday 11/2. Whitewood-Moosomin.
45 km, -25 C. A little bad wind today.
One lady stopped me on the road and invited me for some "Lefse" (a Norwegian food) and also to stay in her house. Couldn't say NO to that, but it was a short trip today.

Monday 12/2 Moosomin- Alexander
130 km, -33 C. Crosswinds today, but sunny.
Invited to stay in house.

Tuesday 13/2 Alexander-Sidney
110 km, - 30 C . Nice weather.
Invited to stay in house.

Wednesday 14/2 Sidney-Portage La Prairie
55 km, -20 C, Nice weather.
Invited to stay in a house, hot tub and swiming pool.

Thursday 15/2 Partage- Winnipeg(Winterpeg)
60 km, - 20 C, 50 km/h side and headwind today. This was one of the hardest days of my trip. The Scandinavian Club has been taking care of me here. I think I'll stay here for a few days wher I've been invited to many things. Should be fun.

Friday 16/2 Winterpeg.
Relaxed, met people from the Scandinavian Club. I was interviewed by the tv, radio and newspaper today. It is so much fun that people are interested in my trip.

Saturday 17/2
Relaxed, invited to stay with the President of the Norwegian Club.

Regina, speaking about my trip.

2 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Regina, speaking about my trip.

Sunday 4/2 Regina
Spoke with some people today and had a potluck supper - everybody brought food. Relaxed all day.

Monday 5/2 Regina

Lectured to a Community School as well as a doctor and his son who I met yesterday. They offered to fix my bike because the handlebars were too low which was hurting my wrists and shoulders, so they rasied them. They also gave me headlights, a tail light, new pedals and new winter studded tires. To think, I biked for an entire year with low handlebars! Now I can sit up easier when I bike! Another lady gave me foot warmers.
I also went to a nature museum - some of it even looked like Norway. We also went tobogganing in the middle of the night. It was fun and there was a lot of snow.

Tuesday 6/2 Regina.
Lectured at a highschool for a group of teachers as well as the pupils. I never thought that I would be lecturing teachers. Fun to meet so many people!
The people who I've been staying with gratefully a pair of much needed new pants.
Invited to a hockey game in Moose Jaw and Regina won 6-3, looked like war again - I guess they must be rivals.
Still waiting for my pad.

Wednesday 7/2 Regina
Chilled out.

Thursday 8/2 Regina
Relaxed. Got my pad back.

Friday 9/2 Regina- Indian Head
65 km, -25. Good wind and sun. Invited to stay in someone's house.
Got my first frost burn on my stomach because I pushed myself too hard and started to sweat which can be dangerous when it's this cold. It was a really stupid thing to do.

Saturday 10/2 Indian Head- Whitewood.
95 km, - 20 C. Sun and nice weather.

Biking -23C 50km, Storm at my back

2 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Sunday, February 04, 2007

Regina, Saskatchewan

Today was one of the best days of my trip. I felt like I was flying! Got a kick out of that.

One lady stopped me on the road...is to dangerous.

12 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This map shows how far I have traveled on my bike.

Sunday 28/1. Medicine Hat- Tompkins
146 km, -5 C. Good wind and nice weather. Slept in park.

Monday 29/1 Tompkins- Swift Current.
77 km, - 13 C . Much side wind, but nice weather. Slept in house.
One lady stopped me on the road and didn't want me to bike anymore. She said that it is too dangerous, she wanted to give me ride. I said no thank you, but had to talk to her for 20 minutes before she let me go. Anyway, she called the police and they came. This has actually happened to me many times now. The police man said he will send an e-mail to all police stations along the road and tell them about me, let them know I don't need help if someone calls. It is a nice little story. I got flat tire number 106 today, I asked one man if I could fix my tire inside his house. Too cold outside.

Tuesday 30/1 Swift Current
Relaxed today. A lot of Skandinavian people live here, I was invited to dinner with some of them and talked about my trip. There were about 20-30 people and it was fun! Two of the people are from the same village where my mother grew up in Norway. The world is not so big, really.

Wednesday 31/1 Swift Current-Chaplin
80 km, -15C Sidewind. Invited to stay with a farmer, he has 1,000 head of caddle.

Thursday 1/2 Chaplin-Regina
150 km, -23 C. Very good wind behind me all day. This day is one of my best days on my trip, felt like I was flying. I got a kick out of it. Was invited home by a pastor.

Friday 2/2 Regina
Will stay here a few days, I have a problem with my pad and have to wait for a new one. The pastor I am staying with here has been helping me out. I was invited to speak to some people tomorrow about my trip and winter biking, I think it will be fun.

Saturday 3/2 Regina.
Spoke to about 40 people and it was fun. Some of these people invited me home and said I could stay with them until I get my pad back.

Flat and no snow here right now.

3 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Thursday, January 25, 2007

Medicine Hat - Really flatland and no snow here right now.

Sunday 21/1 Calgary
Relaxed day.

Monday 22/1 Calgary-Strathmore
60 km, +5 C. Nice weather and wind. Slept in tent.

Tuesday 23/1 Strathmore- Brooks
130 km, +8 C, Nice weather and wind. Invited to sleep in house.

Wednesday 24/1 Brooks- Medicine Hat.
115 km, +8 C, Little bad wind. Biked 5 hours in the dark which sometimes I like as it is different. Slept in the park with my tent.

Thursday 25/1
A newspaper here helped arrange a hotel for one night. I will also be giving a talk to some people tomorrow in Starbucks Coffee shop at 6 pm.

Friday 26/1
Chilled out for most of the day. Talked to some 15 - 20 people about my trip in the evening, which was great fun. One of them invited me home and also fixed my bike for me. (look at credits link) .
Saturday 27/1
I was invited to a hockey game today, which will be the first hockey game I have ever been to. Medicine Hat won 7-2. Looked like a war out there, fighting and black eyes. They also announced my name in this game so I had to stand up. Was fun. Invited to a party in the evening. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here.


Me on T.V in Calgary

1 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lost the movies.

Me on T.V in Calgary, Alberta.

Monday 14/1 to -20/1
Relaxing in Calgary where met many really nice people.
Invited to a party, viewed art and also saw a stand up comedy show. I was invited to stay in three different houses.

Enjoyed my time here.


More news.

Biking in Banff, Canada in a storm.

7 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Saturday, January 13, 2007

While biking on the Icefield parkway I discovered this video feature on my camera which is my very first movie. The tempature was -20 degrees celcius and the winds were high. The highway was closed twice due to avalanche control. It was GREAT fun!!

January: Icefield Parkway

2 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Friday, January 12, 2007

Banff national park.

Sunday 7/1 Icefield Parkway.
Relaxed day at Lodge.

Monday 8/1 Icefield Parkway-Lake Luise.
35km, -10 C .Nice weather and much down hill cycling.
Wilson Sport and Hostel in the city gave me free room and food (see thank you list)

Tuesday 9/1. Lake Luise-Banff.
60km, -5 C. A lot of snow, but I had a good wind behind me.
Met a man at a bike store who gave me a place to sleep.

Wedensday 10/1 Banff-Conmore.
25km, -10 C. bad wind today, storm.
Met a doctor and she fixed my badly damaged feet and also gave me a place to sleep and food.

Thursday 11/1 Conmore- Calgary
115km, -28 C in morning, -20 at daytime. Sun all day and good winds behind me all day.

Dr Susan gave me the adress of her sister in Calgary, I will stay there tonight.

Friday 12/1 Calgary.
Relaxed today.

My bike is much too heavy, so I must clean it. My tent is 4 kg and really I don't need such a big tent which is making my bike to heavy (40kg) and which naturally slows me down.

I am still meeting such nice people who invite me home, such friendly people here.
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