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Cant belive it, get sponsored for new bike

1 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My new TREK 6500 with Stein Varjord.

My new friend, Petter Guttormsen who helped me to get my new bike. I talked a lot with him on msn and he has really worked hard to get me my new bike.

Stuff for my bike


Sailing to Gran Canarien

2 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Thursday, September 27, 2007

Island Selvagen.

I am still working in Madeira at Hotel Royal Savoy and I will be there until after Christmas.
My brother has been visiting me and he wanted to sail to Gran C. Two friends of mine joined us and it was a very nice trip. Good wind and sun all the time.
We surfed on the waves which was unbelievably fast and fun. We nearly sailed over a dead whale, got a lot of fish and sailed with the dolphins.....


My brother and I got too much sun as well as serious headaches which helped us to throw up all our food. For a Viking that`s normal. Whilst the Captain was asleep, the rest of us inexperienced sailors got ourselves lost when the wind changed and we panicked. But Captain brother came to our rescue and saved us.

Rune Rrtveit from North Norway, who was a chef before, prepared good hearty food.
We went to a nature reservation island and met one crazy doctor who studies birds. He showed us around the island, and when he found dead birds he was so emotional that he wanted to kiss and talk about them.


I go back to Madeira Monday 31/9/07


Work in Madeira.

1 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Monday, August 06, 2007



I will be here in Madeira for a while and working to have money for my next adventure in Africa. I am working in a pub as well as the famous Savoy Hotel, but is very bad pay here. I am trying out different jobsk and see how it goes.
Now I live on my brothers boat and it is a nice life. Madeira is so beautiful and I have met a lot of Norwegian people.
My friend Kristina, who comes from Seattle in the USA, sadly is in very bad health suffering from bone cancer and will have to go to hospital next week and it will take about one year before she is good again. Lets hope everything will be fine.
I will update my blog once a month now, since I'm not biking. But I want to bike again very soon.

My friend has cancer.

0 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kristina on TV

One of my best friends, Kristina, who has helped me for the most of my trip is very ill. She has been diagnosed with Leukemia and it is very bad.

She helped me a lot in Seattle when I was robbed and I stayed with her for over a month. We became very good friends and I love her for all of her help.

Now it is she who needs help with so many things, and there is not free hospital care there like we have in Norway. This is one of the things I don't like so much in USA.

I am still in Madeira and looking for work. Hopefully I can raise enough money together to visit Kristina in Seattle as it is at times like these when she needs her friends around her.

My brother, his girlfriend and daughter have left me now-. It is empty here on his boat, I will live on it while I am here in Madeira.

Weekley report: Met my brother in Madeira

4 people commented Published by Rune Monstad on Thursday, July 05, 2007

Met my brother.

My brother relaxing.

After coming by airplane from Canada to London and then to Madeira I finally met my brother. It was so nice to see him again as I really miss my family.
We will probably sail around here for 14 days, and then I will try to find work here on the island.

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