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Letter 4, South America. Mars 2006

Meanwhile I am in Colombia, after a heavy mountain trial in Ecuador. The fastest
bicycle tour I have had so far. The landscape consists of lots of volcanoes and high mountains, deep valleys. I dont use my tent now because I was told that there are many snakes. Once I
spent carnival in Ecuador. (Its celebrated all over the country) somebody let me use his house over carnival. I took a lot of pictures. But a nasty little boy tripped me up and my camera and all pictures were gone. Thats why sadly, I have no pictures of the feast.

Colombia is altogether different from any of the places I have been until now. There are many military persons on the road (I think about every km there is a post). But they are really friendly and invited me for dinner and to stay over night. They let me use their guns in the jungle and showed me what life is like in the military. They were surprised by my camping gear and liked to exchange it for theirs. But I said thanks but no thanks. (Too heavy, about 10kg)

Colombia seems rich and beautiful (also the people) Bolivia and Peru seemed to me a bit worn down. They are pretty poor here especially in Bolivia. My saddest experience I had was about 4000m high. They had nothing. They looked sick. And often I thought they live in Barns. I worked in an orphans home and when I left they wanted to send all of the children with me.

I think the wealth of Colombia is due to its smuggling cocaine. But it just seems like we are smuggling cigarettes from Sweden. I asked them to take me to a cocaine camp. But they said they couldnt guarantee my safety.

I had my first strange experience here. (A little of my own fault.) I was sick and tired and could not carry on any more. I set my tent up in the middle of a city park and slept. When I woke up my bike fell on me. I heard voices and started to panic. But at the same time I felt an adrenalin kick. I took my knife out and cut open the entrance then got out screaming and yelling. I saw 4 or 5 guys running away. I didnt sleep afterwards.

But never the less I like Colombia and its people. They invited me for food and to stay over night many times.

After I was turned down by 20 sponsors I felt somewhat discouraged. Now I am looking to get some sponsorship here. I got 3 replies and I could hardly could believe it . One who is selling ipod
I am now in Cartagea in the north of Colombia and from thereI shall take a boat to Panama because there is no road between Colombia and Panama. There has been several wars between these countries. Guerrilla troops who are also called socialists, have made that road impossible to ride in safety and the USA don't want one because they are very concerned that there will be even more cocaine shipped across the border.
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