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Letter 3, South America. February 21, 2006

I have now been in Ecuador for 3 days. It is very tropically hot and I must drink 10 Litres of water a day and because I sweat it out all of the time I can't even find it necessary to have a pee. There are many insects and small animals and until today I've seen 6 dead snakes. It's absolutely beautiful here. You can't compare it with Peru which consists mostly of desert. Here you will find vegetation almost everywhere except on the Vulcanoes.

My journey through Peru took a little longer that I thought because many people invited me to their home. Now I'm getting tired because people are of the impression that I have loads of money, why I can't begin to understand. I told them that my dear mother is only able to send me 150 a month (1000 crowns) so I am not able to spend much money in restaurants and
hotels. If someone must have respect, it's for their mother. Total respect for their mother is in abundance there.

Many families have invited me to stay for dinner and even offered me a nice bed to sleep on. They would organise a small party for me which is ho I get to know people and their cultures. It also helps me to save my money.

But it is not funny when many females want to get involved with me. I enjoyed it at first but later I got bored with these situations. Now I tell everyone, well almost everyone, that I have a special girlfriend in Norway, not necessarily true.

I was very surprised how friendly the police are here. They escorted me many miles through numerous unsafe places. They even offered sleeping accomodation in the police station and gave me food and drink even though they knew that I didn't have much money.

Even though the locals warned me that these same police could just as easily rob me or put drugs in my luggage etc etc. But never the less the police are my good friends.

People who live in this area are curious what camping life is like. I very often have to show my tent, sleeping bag and field kitchen. They are very impressed. Here it's carnival time until Sunday but I would have preffered to have been in Colombia for their festivities.

Carnival should be way better in Colombia, but Ecuadorians say its better in Ecuador, naturally! However, I am a little afraid of Colombia that someone might rob me. A Japanese biker told me he was robbed with machinegun toting gangsters and was left naked until he was eventually found by the police. All the people that I've met here have said that it's a sort of war in Colombia. But I will see how I will end up.

All the time I riding into headwind (sometimes heavy). I only wish that it would stop but it never does. I tried to find information about the winds down here but I couldn't find any.

Rune Monstad
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