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Letter 2, Peru. February 2006

Now I'm in Lima staying in the house of a German friend who is married to a Peruvian girl. I'm being treated like a king and I will stay a few days more. They have shown me many beautiful places of Lima. They invited me for dinner together with all the family. I saved about five days meals. The sweet daughter and her friends invited me for a bottle of wine.

Since my last letter I rode more or less 700 km and I really needed a break. Here there are many things to see and discover. I was really amazed with the desert, it is so big. I experienced a heavy sandstorm and I got totally covered with sand. My ears, pants, hair and even my bike were completely covered so I had a lot of cleaning to do. I really felt like an adventurer. I have been warned of the dangers of South America before I started this bike tour, specially my mother. One can even die for a few dollars or could be kidnapped, robbed or even the police putting drugs into my luggage and then follow up by pressin charges against me. But thank God so far nothing has happened.

The people are very friendly, they often invite me to their homes and I usually accepted.

The police stopped me many times asking me where I came from. But later they wished me luck and then let me go. I pitched my tent on the beach and when the police came (I didn't look very good) but they only asked me to move a little further inland because of the high tide. It's quite
different in Norway. My only problem are the dogs which are never kept on a leash. No law exists for this kind of problem. They usually run behind me and try to bite my legs I can't tell you how many times. One dog was even killed by a car when he was running after me. I have seen more than 14 dogs die from being hit by cars.

The German took me to a bike repair shop to clean my bike. I have never seen anything like this before, they took the bike apart and cleaned it with chemicals in the water using wire brushes. They checked all the bearings and changed some. My handlebars bearing was totally gone. The wheels were also aligned. All that cost me around 30 crowns.

I learned more about bikes this time than in all my life before. Until this moment I haven't spent much money. It would be a shame if I had to stop my journey because of lack of money. Now I always sleep in my tent unless someone invites me home. But still I'm dreaming of a better tent, a better sleeping bag and a new camping kitchen. What I have now I bought in Bolivia. I'm looking for sponsors to get better materials. Also I'm trying to find sponsors in Norway; let's see what will happen. Tomorrow I will see whether I can get to Colombia by 25th of February. To achieve this it will mean me having to cycle at least 150kms per day which probably be too much for me.
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